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Arctic Sky 1994


One of our airship operations and "a story of its own" took place in march 1994 well above the Arctic Circle, close to the Barents Sea and the russian border in North Norway. The take off place for the airship was Vadsø, the landing station of the polar airship expeditions of Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile in 1926 and 1928 on their flights to the North Pole and further on to Alaska.


In hardest winter conditions (at night -20°) the "Adler airship" took of next to the old mooring station only 200 m off the Barents Sea. The idea of the organizers of Arctic Sky '94 was to remember the historical Amundsen Nobile airship expeditions with flights around the old mooring station and to carry thousands of official charity postcards on board of the Adler airship which raised around 20.000 euros to the Pestalozzi Kinder Village at Lake Bodensee.


The campain was supported by Dr. Gertrud Nobile, the widow of Umberto Nobile, the constructor and captain of the historic arctic airships of 1926 and 1928.


The expedition was financed by the Adler Fashion Company as their charity support for the Kinderdorf. Adler gained as well with supporting Arctic Sky '94 by a flood of positive PR and some TV films in the international media.


03.1994 Aachener Nachrichten - Thema: Arctic Sky '94


1994 Arctic Sky '94 Luftschiff Logbuch


03.1994 Arctic Sky '94 Pressetexte


Internationale Sonderpost für das Pestalozzi Kinderdorf