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Serengeti will not die

In february 1998 our airshipteam traveled to the Serengeti national park in Tansania. We operated on the paths of father and son Grzimek who documented and analysed the migration of big animal herds with a single engined Dornier 27 airplane in the late 1950s.


In 1998 the "Adler Airship" was used as a camera platform for a German filmcrew (ARD and Arte) to observe the big animal herds from above as the Grzimeks did back then. "Serengeti will not die" was the title of the Airtopia project referring to the name of Grzimeks expedition and the Oscar nominated movie "Serengeti shall not die". In addition they transported thousands of official charity postcards on board of the Adler airship for the "Pestalozzi Kinderdorf" at Lake Bodensee. The post raised a donation of 25000 euro.


Adler gained as well with supporting "Serngeti wil not die" by a flood of positive PR in print media. In addition the 30 minute movie of the Airtopia expedition was shown more than twenty times on german and interntaional television programs. The PR revenue was about one million euro, which was ten times more than the costs of the expedition.





Welt am Sonntag 4. Januar 2004

Aachener Zeitung 31.3.98

Balloons & Airships Mai/Juni 1998

Frankfurter Rundschau - Im Luftschiff auf Grzimeks spur Februar 1998



1998 Serengeti wird nicht sterben - Tagebuch - Karl Ludwig Busemeyer